Marie Forleo B-School Application Video

I’m not gonna lie… I hesitated sharing this video with the world directly. It’s one of those moments where you think you sound weird because you’re not used to hearing yourself. But I’m so excited about the process that it made me go through — it’s one of the most important self-prescribed challenges I’ve ever tackled for my life and my business. I consolidated my passion and direction for my business into a 90-second speedy speech that I’m honestly pretty impressed I pulled off. Take a look if you’d like!

This video is my application for a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s B-School. Marie is an amazing online resource for entrepreneurs – she has amazing insights, advice and just is the best. After discovering her through some friendors (Amanda Ready of Beck & Bloom, I’m talking about you!), I became obsessed with MarieTV and watched as many of her FREE videos as I could. I quickly learned about B-School and have been eagerly anticipating it’s 2015 session. You can learn more about B-School and see why I’m so excited here.

Before making this video, I had been struggling with my why? for my business. Yes, I know what I do well and I know what I should make. But doing pretty things and solving business problems didn’t really feel like enough to get me out of bed lately. So, while my hubs was at work, I put on a pot of tea and dug in to what the heck I wanted to do with my future success. Once I hit some basic financial freedom goals, what was my work going to look like? Who do I want to help? What are my values? All of these things I had noodled on a little bit here and there, but I knew I needed to get some clarity before I recorded my video so that I would truly believe in and feel confident with what I was saying.

It was an amazing and powerful few hours that truly culminated all of the small chunks of thinking, brainstorming and journaling I’d been doing for the last 6 months since I first started watching Marie’s videos. It was so valuable to me that I’ve decided I want to share it with you through a bit of a series on how I found my why. Check back here over the next three weeks as I share with you my strategy for really analyzing my business and my direction, and share with you the tools I used this year, as well as some tools I’m excited to try out in the future.


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